How to find the Perfect Amazon FBA Product Launch Services [2021]

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Looking for the perfect Amazon FBA Product Launch Services is just as stressful and daunting as doing the tasks yourself. You have to consider various things such as the profitability of your potential product, the trustworthiness of your supplier, and even your budgetary requirements before signing a deal, thereby making it a lot more difficult than what it is supposed to be. Multiply this by three folds for new sellers, and you get the recipes for wasted time and opportunity.

Thus, as a fellow seller myself, I want to tell you about some of the essential considerations that you must take in looking for the best Amazon FBA launch services. If you are a newbie seller, then I urge you to read these fully before embarking on your new task. As you might already know, taking the first step is the most difficult step in this business. I knew of a lot of ‘dreamers’ who wanted to build their own Amazon business before but got stuck in what I call the ‘preparatory or imaginative phase’ of the business only to realize that their ideas were worth thousands of dollars in the future. 

On the other hand, if you are an experienced seller, then I hope that these tips could prove to be supplemental to your business in the long run. I know that you already know about the changing dynamics of launching a product on Amazon. Thus, this might be of help when looking for the best Amazon FBA product launch services in the future.




One of my core principles that I used in order to succeed in my Amazon, Shopify, and other businesses is ‘to think big, start small, and act fast’. The Amazon marketplace is highly competitive, which means that you have to know your goals, act quickly in line with it, and test your hypothesis as to whether you will succeed. This principle is based on the idea of the ‘lean startup’, which I have used over the years to succeed in my own business goals. Accordingly, this is also where we’re going to need help from various Amazon product launch services in order to leverage your time testing and pivoting your product for success.


In case you are looking to launch your product yourself, check out our blog on Creating a Successful Product Launching Strategy Amazon [2021]. Otherwise, if you are looking for convenience, security, and safety, here are some of the tips that we have when it comes to finding the best company that offers product launch services in 2021.


Sure-fire Tips in Looking for the Perfect Amazon FBA Product Launch Services

Only Choose the Trusted.

One of the foremost considerations for choosing an Amazon FBA Product Launch Service is your provider’s trust rating. Although there are plenty of ‘cheap’ product launch services in the market, settling for someone who does not have any proven track records could also place your business at risk. Amazon FBA is one of the strictest platforms when it comes to protocols, and sending your products directly to their fulfillment warehouses without checking its compliance could mean a hefty fine for your business. Ultimately, this would not only hurt your Return-on-Investment but even your chances of turning your product into a brand.


Today, after building my own brand and launching dozens of products on Amazon myself, the best advice that I can give others is to find ‘reputable’ brands that have a proven track record. Usually, proven companies do not only have the experience, but also the resources and the proper networks that would ensure that your product launch would be successful. For example, Amazon One Step, also provides teams of experienced individuals to work on your own project, thereby reducing the risks on your security, privacy, and problems that might arise during the process of launching your product. In other words, these factors (experience, team management, and global networks) are also some of the reasons why hiring third-party companies is much more secured and efficient compared to individual freelancers, despite the added cost.

In line with this, it would be better to choose a trusted company with a ton of reviews and proof of service for launching your Amazon product. You must also read or get an overview idea of their Amazon product launch strategy so that you have an idea of how well they execute the marketing for you.

Keep it within budget.

As a starter, you might want to take it easy and just try the effectiveness of product launch services online, don’t go all out on them and spend all of your budgets. And if you are cautious and having doubts about these services, you might want to try their free trials.

Your budget is one of the factors to consider when choosing product launch services. Many websites offer the same benefits but with different price ranges. Find the best website that provides the lowest price but with the highest chances of getting potential customers.

Try out their Free Trial.

Speaking of free trials, you should try them out; most product launch services offer a free trial for you to try their software, website, and services. Once you tried their services, see if you are satisfied enough that you will avail of their services. If not, maybe trying other websites that offer the same service.


Do a review.

In choosing the perfect Amazon FBA product launch services, you first review their history and their past transaction. Some companies and websites have a bad reputation that has been hidden from the public. Doing an in-depth review can show you their past mistakes.

And it is not always finding a company mistake but also finding its advantages and strengths. Reviewing each company that grabs your attention can help you choose the best one to market your product to a large audience.


Your ‘Amazon FBA’ tools are just as good as the user’s skills. It does not necessarily mean success, yet it increases your product’s chances of profitability ten-fold in the hands of capable and experienced sellers.


Choose Innovativeness

Your ‘Amazon FBA’ tools are just as good as the user’s skills. It does not necessarily mean success, yet it increases your product’s chances of profitability ten-fold in the hands of capable and experienced sellers.

Launching your beloved product on amazon is easy and simple; using tools that offer product launching services like Jungle Scout, Amazon Launchpad, Helium 10, Viral Launch, Amazon One Step, and many more can boost your product. Amazon product launch services are crucial if you want to start your business within Amazon because they generate more awareness of the product you made and help you with your product and brand marketing.


Prioritize Client Satisfaction

This was the exact feeling that I had when I was only dreaming of having my own online business. I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety, just overthinking about whether I made the right choice in choosing a company that would launch my Amazon business. After weeks of thinking, I was able to find a company to launch my services just to learn that they have bad customer service which made things very difficult.


Review the Terms and Agreement!

We know that some of us usually don’t read the T&A just because they are long and tedious. But with this kind of money at risk, everyone should read the T&A handed to them. They are essential and crucial for this kind of business. If some of those agreements don’t meet your needs or do not satisfy you, choose a different company instead of agreeing with that term.

For example, Amazon One Step’s Terms and Agreement outlines all the terms, benefits, risks, and responsibilities of every party in order to make sure that their services are transparent, while its Privacy Policy indicates its commitment towards protecting the confidentiality of your personal and product data.

Ask for a recommendation.

Like asking for what brand of smartphones to buy for your everyday use, the same goes for choosing the perfect brand for your marketing strategies. Asking for recommendations from your colleague or crew can make your decision concrete. But asking from an experienced businessman is much better because they can give you more than recommendations and business guides to make you successful in the future. Like asking for what brand of smartphones to buy for your everyday use, the same goes for choosing the perfect brand for your marketing strategies.


Next Step – Book your Product Launch Services Now!

These are just recommendations to consider when finding the perfect Amazon FBA Product Launch Services to boost your product awareness. Because Amazon is a vast company and millions of products are being sold every day, the chances of your new product being seen by users are somewhat low using product launch services can boost the appearance of your product when customers are browsing Amazon. But at the end of the day, it all goes down to the individual preference for what he or she would choose to be his or her company that will launch his/her new product.

Product launch services like this are made to help small business entrepreneurs to rise above the competition and make their products visible to a whole new set of potential buyers.

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