How to find the Best eBay Assistant Services to Maximize your Profits

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Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, finding the best eBay assistant services is crucial if you want to diversify and succeed in your online business. This is true, especially considering that most entrepreneurs diversify into two or more marketplaces to increase their competitiveness and improve their profit margins. However, as a seasoned online business owner myself, I can only emphasize how important it is to take some time and effort to find the perfect eBay virtual assistants for your business to maximize your sales and reduce your risks of losses. If you are unsure whether finding an eBay assistant is right for you, check out our blog on how to know if you need a virtual assistant.  



What are eBay Virtual Assistants?

An eBay virtual assistant is generally defined as one that is in charge of administering your eBay store and products. Although their roles and responsibilities might vary, their primary function lies in improving customer relationships, optimizing your listings, writing product descriptions, and pricing research, among others. However, you should note that this job description might be very narrow and limited today. In my years of experience as an online seller and a VA team leader, eBay virtual assistants can also perform the same functions as other eCommerce Virtual Assistants (i.e., Amazon, Shopify), which means little difference between their capacities, roles, and responsibilities.

Benefits of Delegating for your eBay Store

Due to the similarity of the roles and functions of a general “eCommerce or overseas virtual assistant” with the ones that you are hiring for your eBay business, you can expect to get the same benefits for your store, such as (1) improving your productivity curve, (2) increasing your business profitability, (3) maximizing customer satisfaction, (4) hiring flexibility, and (5) improving your personal well-being. As I have discussed in my previous blog, these five benefits represent a holistic and balanced approach that would surely benefit your business in the long run. Experience would tell me that whether it be for your Amazon, Shopify, or eBay store delegating your tasks is essential for your own business and well-being. Thus, if you are interested in establishing a profitable online business finding the perfect virtual assistant (or the best eBay assistant services) should be one of your main priorities.

Overview on how to find your eBay Virtual Assistant

There are generally three (3) ways to find the best eBay virtual assistant for your business. First, you can hire them through freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr, among others. By looking for candidates through this platform, you can access a vast pool of talent from around the world. Thus, if you are looking for an affordable eBay virtual assistant, this is one way you can go. Although this is one of the most common methods of hiring, some of the risks that you have to take into consideration include; (1) the lack of ‘skills’ test to determine their abilities, (2) the time needed to post, hire, and filter through your candidates, (3) the need to continually monitor your employee’s performance, and (4) conduct regular auditing and financing for your VAs’ productivity. These are just some of the things that you have to take into consideration when you are hiring a VA for the first time. Thus, posting your eBay virtual assistant job description through these platforms is one of your best choices if you have the time, effort, and resources to manage them yourself.

Second, you can also hire your friends, relatives, or colleagues to help you with your eBay platform. Hiring someone you personally know is beneficial since it allows you to know their strengths and weaknesses and establish trust as early as possible. However, in my years of experience, I also realized that hiring anyone you know entails more risks than VAs. This is because your friend or relative is more likely to disregard your instructions, take it easy during their shift, or even demand higher payments. Additionally, the risks of ruining your relationship with one another are higher, especially in online businesses’ stressful environment.

…your friend or relative is more likely to disregard your instructions, take it easy during their shift, or even demand higher payments.

louis aguila; founder, amazon one step

Finally, you can also hire through virtual agencies like Amazon One Step. In my experience managing my business and our VA agency, I realized that around 95% of our VAs are well-adept with every kind of eCommerce platforms due to the virtual assistance training that we require them to go through. This saves our clients time and resources since they can hire one or two virtual assistants to manage their products on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Additionally, agencies like us also assign team leaders who would monitor and assure that your business is functioning smoothly, which lessens the need to monitor it yourself.

However, as in every blog and webinar that I do, I always tell my clients that hiring VAs from agencies would cost relatively more compared to hiring them yourselves (but perhaps not when hiring your relative). Surprisingly, in one survey that I did to about sixty (60) online business owners, I found out that agencies strike a good balance between the quality and price of hiring an employee. This is because agencies have managers that do the hard job for the business owners such as monitoring and auditing, thus improving sales profits while reducing risks of damages and litigation costs. Thus, rather than choosing a cheap virtual assistant, I would strongly recommend that owners who are trying to find the best eBay assistant services should balance quality and pricing by looking for agencies that offer affordable virtual assistant services.

If you are looking for more information to find the best virtual assistants for your business, check out our Definitive Guide to Finding the Perfect Overseas Virtual Assistant [2020].

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