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Hey! It seems that you have lost your password. No worries, our team is highly committed to provide you with the highest level of security as possible.

Here’s a simple process on how you can retrieve it:


STEP 1: Request for Password Reset

Simply send us a password reset request through our Password Retrieval Tool.

After placing your email a prompt will be shown saying “a new password has been sent to your email address

Go to your email to verify.

Password retrieval email - AOS Essays


STEP 2: Check your e-mail

check your e-mail for a password reset prompt.

Click the “here” link in the email you received to facilitate your request.

Second step - password retrieval AOS Essays


STEP 3: Wait for another e-mail to get your New Password

AOS Essays’ password retrieval tool will send you a new password that you can use to log in.

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STEP 4: Log in 

Congratulations! now you can log in and enjoy AOS Essay’s pre-written and custom-written services.

In case you want to change your password again, simply go to your account profile.

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