Creating a Successful Product Launching Strategy Amazon [2021]

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Creating a Successful Product Launching Strategy Amazon is essential for the success of your Amazon FBA brand. In my years of experience launching and managing Amazon (and other online) businesses, I learned that a “pre-launch strategy” can sometimes define your success in light of a highly competitive marketplace. It allowed me to mitigate the potential risks brought about by re-sellers, foreign merchants, and even Amazon (Amazon Basics) through competitive marketing techniques, branding strategies, and pricing techniques.

Thus, as an Amazon Seller and Product Launch expert myself, I would like to share some of the essential tips I have learned to create an Amazon pre-launch strategy for your brand. Note that while these tips are tested and proven in general, you should also take the time to tweak them based on your product category, your aims for your Amazon FBA business, and your potential market, among others.


Whether you are just hoping to start your own Amazon business or are looking to improve your product sales in the future, this compilation of ‘Amazon product launch strategies 2021’ would be very helpful for you.

Creating a successful product launching strategy Amazon in 2021
Figure 1 – Seven Tips to Create a Successful Product Launching Strategy Amazon in 2021


7 Tips for A Successful Product Launch Strategy in Amazon FBA

1. Know your Customers!

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of doing customer research before you launch your Amazon business. Yes, you heard it right. Doing research on your potential customers is just as important (if not more critical) than doing product research. This is because your product would not even be profitable if you do not know your potential buyers.

In doing so, one important principle that we follow for our product launch services here at Amazon One Step is to ‘know thy customers as you knew thyself.’ We try as much as possible to place ourselves in the potential buyer’s shoes to know their purchasing behaviors and preferences. Finally, we also try to correlate these with actual statistical data to know that there is a substantial potential to hit the required number of sales to generate profit within 2-3 months after product launch.

However, since not everyone has the time and resources to do intensive client research before deciding on a product, I suggest that you start talking to your family members, peers, neighbors, and colleagues, among others. For sure, you will be able to obtain some valuable data that you can then test by launching your first product in Amazon FBA.


2. Strive to be at the Top.

 a. Do your Research

The thing to remember is that Amazon is all about sales. Being at the top results in Amazon search results is all about having the highest sales. Although many factors affect the outcome, like reviews, ratings, and keywords, those products will be shown to the customers with the most sales.

In line with this, you have to create a plan to propel you to the top as quickly and efficiently as possible, even during your product’s pre-launch phase.

The first thing you have to do is do keyword research about the related tags for your product. Also, most importantly is to know about the basics of how the Amazon search algorithm works. Keyword research is simple the process of collecting all the related words for your product. You should gather all the related keywords to the best chance of getting first at the results list of Amazons. These keywords will decide if your product will be shown to customers or not if they search for something.

Amazon FBA keyword Research
Figure 2 – Amazon FBA Keywords – Image taken from

This is beneficial since it would allow you to optimize both your SEO marketing campaigns by combining them with your multi-channel advertisements in the future. Additionally, take note of these keywords since we would also be using this in promoting your product through various marketing channels.

When you are done collecting all the related words for your product, the next thing to do is to filter them out. That is where keyword optimization comes in. You need to analyze and research what is the best keyword for your product. You only need to select few words that can help customers find your product quickly.

The second thing that you have to do is to do intensive product research. I cannot overemphasize the importance of product research, especially these days due to the ever-increasing number of local and foreign sellers. A good, profitable product with high demand and low competition would allow you time to maximize your profits before others (even Amazon Basics and foreign suppliers!) can jump in and compete with your existing consumer base. If you are unsure about how to do Amazon FBA product research this 2021, you can check out Jungle Scout’s blog entitled “How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon – A step-by-step guide to find product ideas”.

In sum, you have to invest your time and effort in doing (1) product research, (2) keyword research, and (3) consumer research to be at the top as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.


Amazon FBA Pre-Launch Strategy
Figure 3 – Finding the “Sweet Spot” in Creating your own Amazon FBA Pre-launch Strategy

b. Seek Reviews.

In the olden days of Amazon FBA, reviews would usually come whenever you have an excellent and fast-selling product. Yes, you also have to do your work and ask for it at times, but the lesser number of competitors usually means that the number of reviews you get is enough to increase your product sales. However, due to stringent policy changes and the over-competitiveness of the marketplace, fetching good reviews as quickly and efficiently as possible is now of the essence. This allows you to get to the top as fast as possible and maximize your profits before others jump in. Additionally, you should note that Amazon policies also require a certain number of reviews before you can advertise your product in the Amazon marketplace. As I have said before, time is of the essence in this highly competitive marketplace.


Seeking Amazon Reviews to Improve Sales
Figure 4 – Building your Pre-launch Customer Reviews


3. Set your Goals.

As your product is ready to be introduced to the public, you need to have a certain goal of how much profit you are aiming for. Because you need to calculate all the expenses you have, thus deducting it to the total sales you have. Setting a goal gives you the motivation to hustle and the capacity to outline your plans to increase your sales, build a brand, and establish your consumer base, among others.

Accordingly, many websites offer free or premium analytics for your product to track how much profit you have made, how many sales you make in a month, the gender of your customers, and many more. Nonetheless, in Amazon One Step, we only use premium services from websites like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 to make sure that we can create an appropriate Amazon FBA pre-launch strategy for our customers. I highly suggests that you try these services when you are looking to build your Product Launching Strategy Amazon this 2021.

Finally, always remember to use SMART Goals in creating your pre-launch strategy. This acronym refers to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Here’s an example of a SMART goal for a successful product that we have launched in the Amazon FBA. ‘Baby category’ back in 2019 was able to generate more than $50,000 in sales as of March 2021.


4. Get Help for a product launch on Amazon.

When competing in such a crowded field, you need some help boost your product and rise above the competition. And that where product launch services online come to play. They help you promote your product to a much broader set of new and potential customers. Not only can your product get potential sales, but also it strengthens your brand appearance. One of the best-known product launching sites on the internet is the Amazon launchpad and should at your amazon product launch checklist.

However, one of the tips you have to consider in asking for Help for your Amazon FBA product is finding a product launch service that works with you throughout the way. You must make sure that they provide the utmost transparency and help you build your brand. For example, here at Amazon One Step, we make sure that we include everything in our reports so that our clients are assured of the quality of the service that they are getting. These badges of transparency are one of the things that you should look for when hiring an Amazon FBA product launch service.

When choosing a Product Launch Service for your Amazon Brand, make sure that you choose a company that provides the utmost transparency in building your brand.


Check out our blog on How to find the Perfect Amazon FBA Product Launch Services [2021] here.


5. Plan on how to Track Everything in Product launching strategy Amazon

Tracking (or at least the planning thereof) must be done as early as the pre-launch stage of your Amazon FBA strategy. You need to know how you would monitor or track how well your products, keywords, and consumer base are performing. If some of them are irrelevant and just do not work well with your product, you better change it to something else or retarget your efforts and resources to increase your product performance on Amazon’s listings.

The performance can be monitored by the number of clicks, click-through rates, and the number of engagements. If you are not hiring an Amazon FBA Product Launch Service, you have to take more time to determine the relevant KPIs to make sure that you are always on track as you launch your product and manage your business.



Figure 5. Master the Art of Setting your Business Goals before your Launch your own Business. Image is taken from KeepSolid.Com


6. Generate more ‘Pre-launch’ traffic!

Aside from getting a boost from product launch websites online, you should also promote it yourself. And because social media platforms are the place where most people spend their time, it is the best place to promote your product. While most would believe that Social Media and other marketing channels are only needed and applicable after you have launched your product, take note that you can also use social media to boost your product sales even before it is launched.

You can start by making a page on different social media platforms. The more, the better. And of course, after you have created this page, you need to post interesting stuff regularly and daily if possible. By posting regularly, you will have a higher chance of getting an engagement. Also, making a website for your brand can make your brand even stronger. You can create and post a blog on your website and share it with your social media accounts.

And because social media is full of influencers these days, you should ask one to try and promote your product to build up the hype. You’d be surprised how easier it is to build your consumer base once you actually placed your Amazon product in the marketplace when you use this type of product launching strategy Amazon.


7. Aim for a 5-star product (Pre-launch).

Yes, you heard it right. You can aim to be a 5-star product as early as your pre-launch period. Of course, what I mean here is not to actually get a 5-star rating in the Amazon marketplace as early as now (for that would be impossible), but rather to act as what a 5-star seller would do once you are there. One of the things you have to plan is answering customers’ queries in your marketing channels. In my experience, there is a high probability that the individuals who asked questions about your product are also the ones who would buy from you once you have launched your Amazon FBA product in the marketplace.


Final Notes on Product Launching Strategy Amazon

Experience would tell that an Amazon FBA pre-launch strategy is indispensable these days due to the highly competitive marketplace. A carefully and strategically planned product launch approach could delineate between success and failure since it provides the necessary information about the demand for the product, the opportunities for marketing, and the presence of threats on the part of local and foreign competitors. So take the time to carefully plan how you would launch your product so that you would not waste your crucial time and resources once you have actually launched your Amazon FBA business.

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