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Why Others Purchase Pre-written Research Papers?

I. Looking to Purchase Research Papers Online? 

We’ve all been there. Cramming at the last hour trying to complete all of our requirements while also hoping that we have time to finish all of our tasks whether in our school, work, or even our personal lives.

Being a student is hard, especially when we are burdened with other tasks that require our immediate attention such as a part-time job, an extra-curricular activity, or even a responsibility to our own family. Believe me, we’ve been there and we strongly know how you feel.

In fact, in one of the 2020 Surveys conducted by Amazon One Step, we found out that because of these exacting demands of our modern times, both students and professionals alike have already planned to purchase research papers online at some point in their academic year (A.Y. 2021-2022).

A significant number of our respondents said that they planned buying college research papers from the very beginning of the academic year. 

This goes the same whether for Undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. students, especially for those who have part-time jobs to support their own family.

In conclusion, we found out that the hassle that comes with complex research, outlining, synthesizing, thought construction, and actual essay writing are experiences that are all too familiar with both these sectors, whether within our outside the academe. Not to mention that the sheer volume of requirements can get overwhelming because it is not only one professor assigning research tasks.

Furthermore, each subject and/or course has different structures and approaches grounded in distinct disciplines. Eventually, all this writing work piles up but accounts for half of their grades at the end of the day.

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As someone who had to work five hours a day and study for the remaining part of my waking hours, I realized that there is nothing in asking for help through the purchase of pre-written research papers. Setting aside an emergency budget for these hectic schedules when all seems to be lost is an idea worthy of thought and consideration.

Instead of feeling helpless, unmotivated, and overwhelmed, you can get started by purchasing pre-written research papers of top-notch quality and redirecting your efforts to restructuring those pre-written essays and tailoring them to suit more of your own style. With this convenience, you are (1) spared from the stress, (2) focused on your goals, and (3) dedicated to other things that really matter.

These are the following reasons you should strongly consider if you are planning to purchase  research papers online:

A. Benefits of Buying Pre-written Essays

1. Time management

Perhaps the most compelling reason why professionals and students purchase pre-written research papers online is time management. In one study conducted by Adams and Blair (2019), the authors found out that “students’ perceived control of time was the factor that correlated significantly with a cumulative grade point average”.

However, in one of the studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was shown that on average students only have around 3.5 hours for “Educational Activities”, which already includes the time in the classroom.

This is comparatively small compared to the total of 2.3 hours used for “Working and Related Activities”, which simply shows why students would usually have a negative perception about the control that they have over their own time.

Average Time Use for Full-time University and College Students
Average Time Use for Full-time University and College Students | Source BLS.Gov

While they do not disregard the importance of their academic obligations and studies, this simply shows that students have too much on their plate. These, coupled with the significantly constraining economic events show why there is so much demand for different people of different walks of life.

In other words, students and other professionals usually want (and need) to move on to their next tasks, which is why they choose the option to purchase pre-written research papers.

It might even occur that the assigned research and writing tasks are too dull for the student, and they have more engaging activities to attend to, such as extracurriculars, or even activities in other subjects which interest the student more; in order to more appropriately manage their time in relation to those tasks which do not pique the student’s attention, they may choose to purchase pre-written essay papers online to make their life easier.

2. Expertise

Another reason why students and professionals tend to purchase research papers online is because of the expertise that providers have. In 2021, studies show that thousands of professionals with varying expertise in their own fields tend to take part-time jobs writing essays for others.

These are people from all walks of life with varying experiences and techniques in organizing their thoughts.

However, despite the number of experts providing essay-writing services, students must be wary about choosing the proper custom-writing provider. There is a selection of online websites from where to buy pre-written essay papers, but only a few house writers and researchers of quality caliber.

For example, in Amazon One Step, we only choose experienced and skilled writers that are graduates of Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees from around the world. This way, we make sure that we have the right expertise coupled with the experience and skill necessary to craft a compelling research paper.

Students who have experienced purchasing pre-written research papers from a good writer know the value of a well-written and structured essay delivered swiftly and within schedule. This quality of expertise draws those students in and compels them to choose those quality writers and their tried-and-tested pre-written essay papers.

In other words, one of the reasons why students and professionals might consider purchasing pre-written essays is because of their lack of expertise on a specific subject. Writing institutions and pre-written research paper providers often maintain a group of researchers familiar with a wide range of subjects who have little to no problem producing pre-written essay papers appropriate to your needs, whether from hard-science disciplines to the liberal arts.


3. Immediate Deadlines

Another common reason why students buy pre-written research papers when their deadlines’ assignments are stressfully close, is that they no longer have any choice but to find a quality essay writing service provider. In the United States, a significant number of students are working part/full-time jobs that eat up a lot of their time for their academics.

Thus, rather than studying and focusing on the things that really matter, they end up cramming on essays and other requirements just to beat the deadline.

In my personal experience, I know that this is not an effective method especially when my learning skill (i.e., auditory) is not in line with most requirements that are required. Thus, I end up working more on requirements that do not really add to my knowledge about the subject matter, rather than improve myself by focusing on my learning skills.

Aside from part/full-time jobs, there are also a lot of reasons that could result in a student struggling to meet a deadline. Some examples include constraints born out of personal reasons such as due to personal obligations like their part-time jobs or because of emergency circumstances.

4. Language Barriers

Sometimes, professors are just unforgiving, even when it comes to non-native English speakers and their academic requirements. Those kinds of professors often impose very intricate and challenging research writing tasks regardless of the level of lingual familiarity of those non-native English speakers.

Though not due to their own fault, these students constantly fumble with spelling and leave multiple grammatical issues in their writings—as a consequence of all this, they end up with lower grades.

Thus, it isn’t much surprise that most of those persons who purchase pre-written research papers come from this demographic: not because they are lazy or have no intent in improving their command of the English language, but because they need help while coping with where they are in the learning curve. Non-native speakers may order pre-written research papers, edit them, and modify them into their own work.

In our experience as a writing provider, most of the non-native English speakers who have purchased our pre-written research papers said that buying a pre-written essay helped them to have the necessary time in developing the fundamental skills that they needed in life. As non-native English Speakers, the priority (and fundamental step) in their learning should have been learning the language first, with the help of various approaches such as oral, verbal, and kinesthetic, to name a few.

For example, studies show that some of the methods that should initially be used for non-native speakers include, (1) Communicative Language Teaching, (2) Total Physical Response, and (3) Eclectic Approach, to name a few. These methods are much more effective and productive compared to the outright writing tasks that are given to these students. However, since they were already forced to write a research paper, which commands the good use of language, they tend to miss these fundamental steps thereby making life harder for them.

Four Benefits of Buying Pre-written Research Papers
T.I.L.E. – Four Benefits of Buying Pre-written Research Papers | Buy Pre-written Research Papers

II. How to Buy a Research Paper Online?

One of the common questions that students ask is, “how to buy a research paper online?”. While the answer is pretty straightforward, the answer would depend on whether you plan to buy pre-written or custom-written research papers. 

If you are planning on re-writing a pre-written essay, then you can browse through thousands of pre-written research papers (and other essays) that writing providers offer. However, one piece of advice is to find good quality and affordable papers since you would still have to make some changes with your purchased paper. 

Here in AOS Essays, we have a vast catalog of pre-written papers with an average grade of A (ranging from B+ to A+) that you can choose from. 

Thus, if you are planning to purchase research papers online but are having trouble finding the right paper, send us a message, and we’ll help you in one single step.


III. Conclusion

The reasons mentioned above are only a few reasons people ought to purchase research papers online and from needing the assistance of expert writers in specific fields of study and disciplines to needing to keep up with looming academic requirements. Should you find yourself at a loss of inspiration, or at a loss of time, or even worse, both, buying pre-written research papers is the right option for you.

Furthermore, deciding to buy custom research papers or pre-written research papers is not the end all be all, nor does it mean that one is an irresponsible student. It only provides such students an opportunity to gain a foothold in commencing the activity and understanding the topics assigned.

After further research, tweaking, editing, and a little bit of writing, these pre-written research papers can easily be claimed as your own.


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