Top 3 Websites that Helped me Write my Essay for Free [Updated]

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Almost anyone who experienced being a student has felt the adrenaline rush of trying to beat a deadline. Whether studying for an exam, preparing for a recitation, or writing a paper, cramming has almost always become a part of our lives.

Yet, we can’t be blamed for trying to beat the deadline and cram. For most working students like me, balancing our lives between studying, making ends meet, and even sleeping can be very challenging, leaving us with no other option but to do things before it is due. 

Fortunately, I found several services that helped reduce my student burden, including my writing tasks. In this article, I would like to share my top three websites that helped me write my essay for free before I graduated. I also included some of the pros and cons of each site based on my personal experience, user reviews (i.e., Reddit reviews, TrustPilot, Sitejabber, etc.), and cost analysis, to name a few. 

While I haven’t used some of these services for quite some time now, I made sure to recheck their functionalities, browse user reviews, and update my cost-benefit analysis for each of these three. 

Make sure to stay tuned since I would like to share a secret about how you can get free essays today.

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I. Websites that Write Papers for You for Free

1. AOS Essays (Amazon One Step)

Well, not to be biased here, but AOS Essays has been one of my favorite providers of free essay writing help since I was in college. AOS Essays has been a leading provider of both pre-written and custom-written essays since 2014 and offers more than 30,000+ pre-written essays covered by its A-Average Rating Assurance

Even before I joined AOS Essays, its premium writing service helped me write my paper for free, whether for my academics or professional needs. Their services are highly affordable even for students considering the expertise of their writing team (including Masters’ and Ph.D. writers) and the quality of their essays. 

Pros and Cons of AOS Essays' "Write my Essay for Free" Service
Pros and Cons of AOS Essays’ “Write my Essay for Free” Service

However, one thing to consider is that while AOS Essays are one of the best websites that write papers for you for free, this service is not all year round. They only provide several recurring discounts (and FREE essays), including; (1) birthday discounts, (2) holiday discounts, (3) loyalty rewards, and (4) premium price-offs. 

Nonetheless, with the volume of discounts and the frequency of their free essay writing help promotions, I was able to save a little more than $1,000 back when I was a student. 

Based on these, AOS Essays is the best essay writer free online, especially for complex tasks that require careful research, analysis, and tailored writing. 


One of the best websites that helped me write my paper for free. Jasper’s Artificial Intelligence software was regarded as one of the most innovative writing tools due to its capacity to generate content with good grammar, clarity, and delivery. Reviewers also say its content is SEO friendly with low to non-existent similarity (or plagiarism). Thus, I tried using it in creating SEO-friendly content, and I’d say that while it is helpful, it is still far from competing with an expert human writer in a lot of ways. 

However, one of the recurring issues based on user reviews is that both Jaspers AI’s free essay generator and boss mode can tend to sound ‘robotic’ and ‘repetitive.’ Sophia Witham, a writer for MakeUseOf.Com, noted that

Jasper AI suggestions can start to get repetitive, especially when writing long-form content. Even when rejecting and asking for a new output, the AI will often suggest the same thing, and it can take some time to get the AI going in the direction you want it to.

This issue is crucial, especially if you are writing college-level papers that require complex analysis, information synthesis, and good delivery. 

Aside from the recurring issues above, users should consider Jasper’s free essay generator is only for a limited time. Those who want to use its service will only be given a free 5-day trial, which is definitely not enough. You can only avail of it once per registered card, which means that you are limited to the initial period unless you have multiple cards on your own. 

Nevertheless, despite its tendency to be robotic and repetitive and its short trial period, I believe that Jasper AI deserves to have a spot in our’ top three websites that write papers for you for free. 

3. Essay Bot

Essay Bot is one AI Writing Software that helped me write my essay for free. I used its services for about two years when I was still in college in 2014. While I didn’t rely too much on its service given its minimal functionality back then, my short stint showed that it could be a decent software, especially if you’re running out of time. 

In my honest opinion, Essay Bot’s essay writer free online is decent when it comes to content and structure. You only have to search for a topic, modify your essay, run a grammar and plagiarism check, and then download your essay. 

However, one of the reasons why I stopped using the service was because it could not satisfy the complexity of several of my research requirements, which required in-depth analysis, research, and thought construction. 

Essay Bot Review – 2022 Update

Unfortunately, Essay Bot’s free essay generator is not free anymore. I tried various methods and visited numerous sites that say it still offers free writing service (or free trial), but it proved to be a futile endeavor.

Given that it only offers a monthly paid subscription today, I realized that having an expert writer write my essay for free (even if only given as a promotion) is significantly better than being a costly AI writer. 

4. Essay Typer*

Yes, I know that this article only mentioned “Top Three Websites that Write Papers for you for Free” however, I believe that clearing up the confusion about Essay Typer’s Free Essay Generator is prudent given the topic at hand.  

Contrary to what most people would believe, Essay Typer does not provide free essay writing help. You cannot even get free essays from its service since it is merely a “pseudo-productivity” tool. 

Essay Typer’s software would only make others think that you are doing your job, whereas, in reality, it merely takes chunk-size pieces from other sites and crafts them into one ‘seemingly good-looking’ essay. Caroline Moss from Business Insider even called this merely “a tool for fooling your parents” rather than a free essay generator.

While Essay Typer is free and pretty useful for fooling your parents into thinking you’re actually sitting on the computer and doing legitimate work, Gunderman says the bevy of sites out there that appoint real people to write term papers for students is alarming.


This should settle the confusion about whether Essay Typer is a free essay writer online. If you want to learn more about Essay Typer, here’s Business Insider’s in-depth discussion about its functionalities and usage. 

II. AOS Essays’ Write my Paper for Free

Now that we have discussed the top three free websites that write papers for you, I’m pretty sure you are asking how to avail of AOS Essays Free Essay Writing Help. Fortunately, getting our free service is as easy as following these three easy steps:

Write My Paper for Free by AOS Essays

  1. Create an account with AOS Essays and Subscribe to our Daily Newsletter
  2. Contact our Support through Email or through Live Chat. 
    1. Email[email protected]
    2. Live Chat

That’s it. AOS Essay’s free essay writing help is as easy as 1-2-3. So, what are you waiting for? Send us a message today!

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